This website contains the adventures of the Sorcerer Abalathes who dwells on the European Server of Aegwynn and tries hard to gain the dominance of the whole world. The original version was written in German and will now be step by step translated to this English version. As you might note soon the author is no native English speaker, which would lead to a higher amount of mistakes within the texts. I hope you can apologize this and enjoy reading the story. It is recommended to start reading the first article to get the whole characters live in chronological order.

See here the original abouts of the German version where Abalathes will state his aspect of the aims of this website:

“This site is dedicated to me, Abalathes, the mightiest advocator of the dark side. It my aim to subdue this world. To ensure that my adventures will be judged correctly and that they can be used as a historical source later on I would rather write them myself. True fame needs objective first hand information.”