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Castle Durnholde

By Abalathes | January 24, 2009

Castle Durnholde
Castle Durnholde
(Screenshot from “World of Warcraft”
by Blizzard Entertainment)

In the south east, directly behind the river, Castle Durnholde is supposed to be, where ugly men keep imprisoned two scouts of the Horde. It is not hard to find the castle and the occupying forces are deeply surprised when the master himself arrived. The troups are part of a so called “Syndicate” which immediately declines their friendship and declares me hostile. Declining friendship and denying allegiance to me is something which leads to severe consequences. As I already have got a quest to kill enemy syndicate troups I decide to statute an example and I wipe the whole crew. This did not even mean any huger effort from my side as my power has increased to much higher levels in meantime and as in addition I seem to be confonted with enemies who never heard anything about tactics before. The single men are positioned which so much distance between each other that I can bring them down one by one.

The scouts a freed were Orcs and so of the same race like the one I met in Silverpine Forest lately. Even though I don’t like their capital too much I feel a degree of sympathy for those cute beings. Sie are not very bright but therefor (or is it because of that) very brave. The two scouts give a good example: instead running for cover after they got freed they decided to hold their position and to continue their job. At least the support of troups is working. Right behind the walls of the back side of the castle I meet a  sutler. Unfortunally I am not able to clear the castle in whole as the door on the top of the castle seems to be just a fake door.

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